General Visual Line of Sight Certificate Course


    Your fully fledged professional pilot and operator course. A must have for an serious drone operator who wants to really offer top notch safe services.


The General VLOS Certificate Course


Overview of the GVC course

The General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC) is a new standard in drone training. It is designed to tie in with the new EU drone regulations that become active in December 2020, allowing you to operate under the Specific category. 


Most aviation authorities will accept the GVC as proof of remote pilot competence when applying for an Operational Authorisation under the specific category, which is the most common case when doing professional commercial operations. 


Benefits of the MDC GVC course:

  • Aviation Authority approved course.
  • On-demand tutor driven classroom style course either held online or in-person. 
  • Engaging content covering the GVC syllabus.
  • Streamlined Operations Manual creation process.
  • Conduct your flight assessment with our experienced team.
  • Guidance on preparing your Operations Manual.
  • Dedicated aftercare support. Whether it's by phone or email our team is there to offer advice and support after you've passed your exam. 

Getting an General VLOS Certificate

The Malta Drone Centre GVC course is a tutor lead Ground School course spread over two days, culminating in a theory examination. The GVC course will cover topics such as principles of flight, congested area operations, avoiding collision, battery safety, and environmental factors. 


In addition, the the GVC course will culminate in the theory test that is normally carried out by the local Aviation Authority. 


You will also have to complete a period of practical flight training (either with an MDC instructor or under self-monitored circumstances), prior to undertaking the flight assessment. Another requirement is to register with the local aviation authority if you have not already done so before commencing the A2 CofC course. 


Cost of the GVC course

The tutor lead classroom style on-line course which is held over two days costs €530 (which includes VAT) and this fee includes the cost for the 1.5 hour flight and operational assessment that is a crucial component of the GVC certification.



Currently, due to the COVID situation, the GVC course is only being provided as an on-line course but it is still tutor lead and has all the same benefits as our normal classroom training.


Once the COVID restrictions are lifted we will again commence offering the option of attending the in-person classroom GVC training at our training facilities.


The Flight and Operational Assessment is still being done in-person but following all the current local COVID health precautions and procedures.