About Us

     Simple Solutions to Complex Challenges via Automation.

Founded by two international aviation companies with the endorsement of both Malta Enterprise and Transport Malta - Civil Aviation Directorate; the Malta Drone Centre (MDC) provides a conduit for all activities relating to the use Drones including pilot training, equipment testing and drone services.


The Malta Drone Centre is a joint partnership between two leading aviation and drone companies, namely Hawk Aerospace Limited situated in Malta and Vantage UAV located in the UK. There were a multitude of reasons to establish the MDC enterprise in ranging from the significant support and guidance provided to us by Government's Malta Enterprise, through to the attractive commercial conditions Malta offers international business to set up operations here on the island. Another key advantage Malta is blessed with is swathes of relatively unencumbered airspace which affords significant opportunity to safely test the capabilities of emerging drone technologies


MDC is at the cutting edge of UAV technology, helping companies to efficiently utilise drones and work safer, faster and more effictively. With our in house industry and UAV technology consultants we have a deep understanding of operational needs, complex workflows and safety management required to utilising and operating drones and processing captured data so as to integrate into the client’s internal processes and systems, whilst being aware of the high performance technology requirements that support them.


We work with companies in many market sectors to solve the challenges of data capture, storage, asset management, reporting and data security. Partners and customers include corporations, utilities, and include some of the world’s most recognisable manufacturers and brands. 

Passionate Team

With an extensive network of specialist pilots and technical expertise MDC also has the capability to rapidly bring your new innovative technologies to market; ensuring maximum impact in minimal time.

Ongoing Improvement

Our industry consultants listen and understand your requirements. We create a plan to match your short and long term goals which we help to implement whilst collaborating with the aviation regulators.

Honest & Dependable

We carry on the ethos of our two founder partners for honest and dependable service with a customer focus rather than a technology one.