Flight Testing & Validation Services and Facilities


    Our fully approved Drone Flight Testing facilities will enable you to advance into new technologies and to move up the quality of your product.


We have flight testing and operational assessment facilities that are located with in easy travel distances. That means you will be spending your time testing rather than travelling. Also we can provide one of the largest testing areas anywhere in the world in the non-military sphere for validation and testing of new technologies, systems and products. 

Development Validation & Testing Facilities


The facilities

Located on the island of Malta, a bespoke testing centre has been developed that will have access to significant swathes of airspace that stretch far into the Mediterranean Sea. 


Validation and testing areas of different sizes and altitudes are available in the over 170 thousand square kilometres of mostly unencumbered airspace of the Malta FIR. 


The scale of the dedicated space allows our clients to test the extremities of their technologies far more readily than any other location. Additionally, we can simulate most types of commercial and industrial scenarios such that the outcome from the validation / testing can be truly representative.




work with the best

We are proud of our highly qualified and experienced engineering, pilots, operations and business teams. We have worked in the commercial environment and know what is required from drones and their components. Also we provide end-to-end services and also turnkey services and support for your validation/testing operations. 


We don't just work with one drone brand, we work with the largest range available - think DJI, Parrot, Flyability, EVO, Hawk and Flir. We have direct access to all the experts from these brands to give you exclusive insights and workshops on their drones and software and vearious after market options.


The Malta Drone Centre offers an excellent platform from where to promote new technologies and gain greater global exposures.


Whether you wish to manufacture your own technology or wish to request bespoke drones to be built to your requirements, the MDC can assist you.