Practical Flight Training


    Get training from basic flight level all the way to advanced levels covering Multirotor, Fixed Wing and VTOL drones that match the most demanding professional tasks.


We have flight training courses at different levels to suit people who have never from flown a drone before to existing pilots who have been flying drones for quite some time. We can also prepare custom flight training courses targeted at specific needs, scenarios or industries. 



Train with the best

We are proud of our highly qualified and experienced training teams. They've flown in the commercial environment and know what it takes to to in the drone industry. If you want to know the the right approach and tips  of the trade, then you're with the right team.


We don't just work with one drone brand, we work with the largest range available - think DJI, Parrot, Flyability, EVO, Hawk and Flir. We have direct access to all the experts from these brands to give you exclusive insights and workshops on their drones and software and vearious after market options.


It's an internationally recognised training meaning your potential has just gone to the next level. It's also a quality stamp, it lets clients and companies know that you're a serious pilot and operator. People outside of the industry don't know what a GVC or A2 CofC is, but they know what a industry standard certification is. To win the business you need to speak in a language everyone understands.

Advanced pilot training

We want you to be a successful operator as well as pilot, that's why we don't just stop at the GVC and A2 CofC. We provide a training pathway and tools that takes you all the way up to a Chief Drone Pilot or Drone Operator whichever is the more interest for you. This is the best of the best, and we've got the right instructors operating locally and across the globe.

online live trainer support

During this Covid-19 period we are running our training courses through a virtual classroom with live trainer support and sessions for you to attend. We do not just deliver courses but are with you every step of the way. Also we can provide further insights and guidance to help you on your path to successful and safe operations.

Flight ASSESSMENTS and training

We have flight testing and operational assessment facilities that are located withing easy travel distances. That means you won't be travelling long distances to take a 1.5 hour long flight assessment (if required as part of your training). Also we can provide you with the additional flight training both before your flight assessment as well as afterwards should you wnat to either further your drone flying skills or want to take on one of the specilised courses.